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Alternate Prime Base #1 (Rail-Mobile)

Don’t like the huge Prime base? Don’t want to run an epic trek
covering thousands of miles? No problem! Make the base mobile. Move
it anywhere you like.

The following is an idea for a Morrow Base that operates on rails.
Obviously the Prime Mover would be a diesel-electric train, that could
easily be powered by plugging in a fusion pack.

Background: In the canon period, trains were considered as a basis for
the mobile MX system and were an option in Europe for “continuation of
command” mobile HQs. The idea was that a continuously mobile HQ would
be diffficult to target and that it could hide in tunnels as necessary
– even move to the most convenient location. This proposal has the
same concept. A few “Flying Dutchman” ISO containers that would be
continuously “in transit” in the nation’s transportation network.

Everything is based on the standard 20 and 40-foot ISO containers.
This modular aspect allows resources to be split up and left at
appropriate locations, as necessary.

I think this concept also allows a PD to tailor the “local” Regional
or Area Command Team as he or she sees fit. Perhaps several
“component 1” containers but no “component 11” (or maybe 4 or 5)

Of course, it could also work as a truck-mounted convoy, or via any
other system that uses the ISO containers (cargo ships, Mississippi
barges, etcetera).

Component 1 (40-foot)
Command and Control centres – each is equipped with radio and
telecommunications equipment, microcomputers, and stations for the
staff, and support personnel (8 stations in total). Includes
Commander’s office.

Component 2 (20-foot)
Accommodation modules – each has 6 cryosleep units/bunks, a
kitchen/dining area, bath facilities and a place for crew

Component 3 (20-foot)
Water storage/treatment modules for fresh and waste water

Component 4 (20-foot)
Utility module – fusion generator for heating, lighting, and power
production, plus machine shop, electronic/comms shop and armourers shop

Component 5 (40-foot)
Logistics (food). A year’s supply of food for 20 people

Component 6 (40-foot)
Medical – a mobile hospital, including surgery and GP facilities and
beds/tents for a 100-bed long-term treatment centre

Component 7 (40 foot)
Medical Logistics – various supplies – sufficient for 100 patients for
3 days

Component 8 (40 foot)
Laboratory/Machine Shop – equivalent to the Science-One facilities.

Component 9 (20 foot)
“Science 1- refill” – contains 2 full resupplies for a Science-One
(including weaponry and small arms)

Component 10 (20 foot)
“Mars 1 – refill” – contains 2 full resuplies for a Mars-One
(especially weaponry and small arms)

Component 11 (40 foot)
“Recon-in-a-box” Recon team in cryosleep plus 2 vehicles

Component 12 (40 foot)
“Redshirts” – MARS team

Component 13 (40 foot)
Cryosleep units for 30 people
(an emergency measure? Or standard? – your choice)

  1. Scott Kalkwarf
    December 8, 2016 at 9:47 pm

    Big problem with this is what would they travel on. As all rails will be unusable without any maintenance after 10ish years. The seasons and the weather will cause the rails to warp and flex.

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